Facilities for Special Kids

“Some of the most wonderful people are those who don’t fit in the boxes”. We may call them as special child, but they are the one who require our love, guidance, encouragement, positive influence and a real life teacher, just like any other child.

Special children are those who physically or mentally challenged. This makes it difficult for them to perform their learning, reading, writing and other activities. The normal learning of such children remain hindered but little more affection eases out the difficulties.

Shivani Group of school believes in holistic education of these children by providing them joyful learning and shaping their personality. The school provides an attendant for such student and their fees is exempted. The school motivates such student to participate not only in academic activities but also for sport activities. Special care is taken by the school for such student and even medical facility is provided to them.

While we try to teach them all about life, they teach us what life is all about, leaving their footprint in our heart.