Cultural Head's Message

"Working on the post of cultural head, I felt that after a certain age, sharing the functioning of my whole life with others. I am fortunate that the school gave me that opportunity and I am also grateful to all my students and colleagues who are perusing my experience and work system with constant enthusiasm. A mixture of ancient experience and new innovation will surely be forwarded to the path of progress."

This is the reason that school is growing up day by day on the ladder of progress. All the students have been divided into four houses to run the school's cultural and education work system smoothly.

Along with the children all the teachers who are working in the school were equally divided into these four houses so that the students in their protection should be able to showcase their work beautifully for the feeling of a clean competition.

Various competition are organized from time to time under these houses, whose complete information is already in the calendar issued by the school.. .

Along with this, students participate in competition organized by various school with enthusiasm. Apart from this, the school Managment committee has been organizing work shops by experts from different disciplines from time to time for specific training of students with special qualifications. School Managment is continually employed in both scientific and psychological activities for the all round development of the students.

I wish to convey my best wishes to all in the end. It is my privilege that I am associated with this school.

Sanjeev Roy
Coordinator and cultural head
Shivani Public School